Versuri din “muzica aia porcoasa”

“The only protection I’m carrying is not a weapon” Cise Starr- D.T.F.N (remixul lui Thomax rupe fashuri)

” All I see is these fake fucks with no fangs/  tryin’ to draw blood with my ice cold veins” partea lui Jay Z din Kanye West- Monster

” Timpu se scurge si nu faci nimic/ Roata lumii se rupe, mai are un pic/ Roata lumii se-nvarte, e o roata de dric “ Deliric1- Deschide ochii

“One day we all gon’ die/ But when I die, I’ma be so high/ that I’ma get up and walk, leavin the concrete bare/ with the chalk outline still there” partea lui J-Black din melodia lu Eminem – Hellbound

“Cand dau cu pumnu, altii dau cu capu-n masa/ Sunt banditu de Cotnari, vreau sa violez o Grasa” Parazitii-Bem

“I could thrive here, but I choose to die / On a fucking steady diet of booze and lie” Jedi Mind Tricks-The age of sacred terror

“Man feared time, yet time feared the pyramids” Jedi Mind Tricks- Saviorself feat Killah Priest

“I try to make a dollar outta what makes sense” Mos Def- Know that

“Dangerous like skull and bones on a quiet storm” Brooklin Academy-Pumpkinhead-Me and you

“Sunt un nesimtit, vin neinvitat la microfon/ Si-s greu de schimbat ca o bancnota de 500 ron” Dj Undoo feat. Rey-Lovitura de rap

“Get you in my scope and metophorically snipe ya/ I never liked ya, I gased that ass and then ignite ya” Gangstarr- Full Clip

“And don’t answer back, this is hard shit to follow/ And you can’t spit nigga, so you obviously must swallow” Masta Ace- Acknowledge

” Like volcanic eruptions on the floor of the ocean/ My purpose is to burst to the surface/ Immersed in the smoldering lava from verses” Immortal Technique- Apocalypse

“I said it I meant it, that’s the way I deal with enemies/ Like pro lifers, that support the death penalty”; “Look motherfucker, my words damage and slaughter/ A raging alcoholic like the presidents daughters”; ” I choke your friends in front of you, to prove that you fallen off/ and you won’t do shit about it, like the church during the holocaust” Immortal Technique- Obnoxious

“Hell is not a place you go, if you not a Christian/ It’s the failure of your lifes greatest ambition”;” You swallow propaganda like a birth control pill/ Sellin’ your soul to the eye on the back of the dollar bill”;” I spit reality, instead of what you usually learn/ and I refuse to be concerned with condescending advice/ Cuz I am the only motherfucker that could change my life” Immortal Technique- Leaving the past

Dupa capu meu, asta inseamna arta, asa suna muzica buna. Trecand peste melodia care iti incanta timpanu, versurile iti gadila creieru in cel mai fin mod posibil in timp ce deschid niste ochi si arunca niste jocuri de cuvinte imposibile. Da, frate, de chestia asta is dependent.

Ce e aici e o mica monstra mostra din capodoperele alea, merita sa le dati un search pe youtube si sa le ascultati. Nu sa le auziti, sa le ascultati.


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