Azi avem: poezie

Now it’s eleven on the dot and I want my seventh shot,
Some ice cold Jägermeister would just hit the spot,
Threw it down and said “yo bartender do a round”,
I think that was eight, I’m drunk so I’m losing count,
Vision kinda spinnin’ but still I want another,
Now the bitch looks like Vida and I wanna’ fuck her,
I called her over but god-damn my mouth was slurrin’,
So I was like fuck it, “just bring me out some Bourbon”,
Took my ninth and looked at life in another light,
I went from happy too “Imma’ start a fuckin’ fight!”,
Thoughts were runnin’ like “I hate myself nowadays”,
I’m really broke and my seeds a thousand miles away,
Baby mama always gotta bring that same drama,
“Yo bartender bring me back a shot of straight Vodka”,
That’s number ten but at this point does it matter?,
I’m half a father, half a sucker, half a fuckin’ rapper,
Half-assed and half the time I’m just a drunken bastard,
Who smokes so many cigarettes I got a touch of asthma,
Ordered my eleventh E&J. and with the quickness,
Took it and told the bitch “I’ll be back in twenty minutes”,
I went outside, threw some punches and hit the wall,
Knuckles bleedin’, screaming till I trip and fall,
I ain’t got shit at all, and I don’t even love myself,
Fuck it, I ain’t going back in, here’s number twelve: *gun shot*


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